Guns Don't Kill People, Social Media Does

I have something I want you to consider. After every mass shooting, people cry out for gun control. For weeks or months, gun control is all you hear and then it goes silent. There are many people who believe that the availability of weapons is why we have mass or school shootings. The thought is that if you take the guns away from everyone, these types of events would not happen. If we just pass a few more gun laws, we will save our children.

There comes a time when we need to find the core of the issues and not just slap band-aids on everything. Everything in our community has become fuel for our cancel culture; if someone does not like it, they want it gone for everyone, but that is a topic for another day. For the sake of this article, let us call the band-aid gun control and let us consider the core of the issue: social media. No doubt you already knew where I was going with this since the title states it clearly but let me make my point and offer you several references so that you can come to your own conclusion. First, I will highlight the growth of social media. Second, I will present data that will show social media links to depression and anxiety. Third, we will discuss the characteristics of people who commit these crimes. And finally, I will offer various approaches that will help mitigate these issues and explain why Congress is unable to address the problems by simply passing a bill.

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Hello World

Hello World; 'hello world' is typically the first program someone writes in a new programming language. I thought the title would be fitting here. Now that we have the 2020 election cycle behind us, I felt it was time to refocus on some of my passions. As a candidate for the US Senate (NC) in 2020, I was able to meet a variety of constituents in the state and get a better understanding of what drives them politically, socially, and economically. I first started to use various social media platforms to help connect with people with whom may never have heard of me but quickly learned how social media platforms may shadow ban, block, or suspend accounts that are not considered favorable to the media company. I've also learned that Facebook and Twitter are quite difficult to use when sharing complex thoughts. Welcome to my blog. Here is what you have in store.

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