Thank you for joining us on the frontlines of freedom. Your support is critical to Keeping North Carolina Free. 

Every day, North Carolina families are at the top of our minds. As parents of three children in our local schools, we aim to make our state the best place to raise a family. We are proud to say that in North Carolina, we must put parents’ rights first, and our children must go to school to get a great education, not indoctrination. 

North Carolina is fiscally responsible, and we need to be prepared to withstand the economic turmoil caused by the policies coming from Washington and the Biden administration. As a unified state, we must be:

  • Putting Kids First and Protecting Parents’ Rights
  • Keeping Our Communities Safe
  • Protecting the Integrity of Our Elections
  • Keeping North Carolina Beautiful
  • Fighting Special Interests
  • Supporting Our Military Families

The powers of Washington will interfere in our elections; we need the campaign funds to bring freedom to the air waves and fight this battle in the media. Don't let Washington buy the votes of those who are uninformed.

Together, we can get our state back on the right track.


$2,040.00 raised
GOAL: $150,000.00