Shannon Bray is a libertarian candidate for Governor in North Carolina. He is a strong supporter of non-interventionism and is against US involvement in the Ukraine.

Bray believes that the US should not be involved in foreign wars, especially wars that do not directly threaten the United States. He argues that US involvement in foreign wars has led to instability and bloodshed around the world.


Bray has proposed a number of reforms to US foreign policy, including:

  • Ending the US military presence in foreign countries.
  • Reducing the size of the US military.
  • Abolishing the CIA and other intelligence agencies.
  • Cutting foreign aid.

Bray's proposals have been met with mixed reactions. Some people support his ideas, while others believe that they are too radical. It remains to be seen whether Bray will be able to achieve his goal of ending US involvement in foreign wars.

Here are some of the arguments that Bray has made against US involvement in the Ukraine:

  • The Ukraine is not a vital US interest.
  • US involvement in the Ukraine is likely to make the situation worse.
  • US involvement in the Ukraine is a waste of taxpayer money.
  • US involvement in the Ukraine is a violation of international law.

Bray believes that the best way to help the people of the Ukraine is to provide them with humanitarian aid and to encourage a diplomatic solution to the conflict.

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