On Biden's Economic Plan

Shannon Bray is a Libertarian Party candidate for the United States Senate in North Carolina. He is a strong critic of President Biden's economic plan, which he believes will lead to higher taxes, more government spending, and more inflation.
In a candidate questionnaire for the INDY Week, Bray said that Biden's plan is "a disaster waiting to happen." He said that it will "increase the national debt, raise taxes on the middle class, and stifle economic growth."
Bray has also spoken out against Biden's proposed infrastructure plan, which he believes is too expensive and will not be effective. He said that the plan is "a waste of taxpayer money" and that it will "not create the jobs that Biden promised."
Bray's views on Biden's economic plan are in line with the Libertarian Party's platform, which calls for "a smaller, less intrusive government." The platform also states that "the federal government should not interfere in the economy."
Bray's views on the economy are likely to appeal to Libertarian voters, but they may not be as popular with voters from other political parties.
Here are some specific criticisms that Bray has made of Biden's economic plan:
  • The plan will increase the national debt.
  • The plan will raise taxes on the middle class.
  • The plan will stifle economic growth.
  • The plan is too expensive.
  • The plan will not create the jobs that Biden promised.
Bray believes that the best way to improve the economy is to reduce the size and scope of government. He believes that the government should focus on providing essential services, such as national defense and law enforcement, and leave the rest to the private sector.

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