Fairness for Independent Voters in NC

A joint statement from LPNC gubernatorial candidate Mike Ross and lieutenant governor candidate Shannon Bray regarding Senate Bill 749 currently under consideration by the North Carolina General Assembly re: changing the way members of the Boards of Election are selected.

In October of 1765, the Stamp Act Congress met in New York. This group of American colonists then declared what would become a fundamental part of the formation of what is now known as the United States of America: No Taxation Without Representation.

It was unacceptable to these Colonists that the English Monarchy had any right whatsoever to tax them when not a single American Colonist was represented in their government. The argument being that to have the right to tax the citizens of the country, that population must be represented within the government. This is one of the core principles upon which America was founded.

North Carolina violates this core principle in an egregious manner when it comes to our elections.

Currently, over a third of voters in this state are registered as Unaffiliated, Libertarian, or Green. This number exceeds the percentage of either the Republican or Democratic Party registered voters.

If No Taxation Without Representation continued to be adhered to, the State of North Carolina would have approximately 1/3 of all partisan government organizations filled with Independent representatives. Instead, in crucial organizations like the State Board of Elections, Independents are banned from being seated in the committee. Only Democrats and Republicans may represent the voters, despite being comprised of only 64% of the total registered voters in the State.

Republicans have put forth yet another reform bill when it comes to the State Board of Elections. Now that the Republicans have a supermajority, they intend to change the rules of the Board of Elections. This includes making both the State Board and the County Boards equal in number between the two parties, different from the odd number that prevents legislation from being rejected due to a lack of consensus. By making this divide even, they are ensuring that all future matters brought forth within the committee will go undecided and no change will occur, which ultimately favors the status quo. In cases such as this, the decision would then go to the Courts, with an overwhelming representation of GOP appointees.

Our government deliberately excluding the voices of their own people should never be acceptable. Our voters deserve to be represented equally and fairly in our government. To ignore this standard and to ignore over 36% of the State’s voters is simply against the core principles of this country, and the voters should not stand for it.

We also call for a change to the system. We agree that a larger body is necessary to delegate State Election matters, however, that body should consist of equal representation among the voters of North Carolina. We suggest that each board, regardless of State or County, should, at minimum, have Independent or Unaffiliated voters represented equally and proportionately to Democrats and Republicans. This would balance the system as should be required to represent the voters of North Carolina, fairly and accurately.

The Committee to Elect Shannon Bray for NC Lieutenant Governor 2024
Fire The Uniparty, Mike Ross for Governor 2024

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