Shannon Bray Issues Statement

OCTOBER 9, 2023 (HOLLY SPRINGS)—The Committee to Elect Shannon Bray today released the following statement by the candidate concerning recent enquiries about the status of his campaign for governor in the light of his arrests in August on assault and marijuana possession charges.

“First of all, I love my wife and care deeply about her welfare. And, reluctantly but accordingly, I have reached the conclusion that we are both better off apart than together. I now appreciate that it took me longer than it should have to get to this point and that both of us would likely have been better off if we had split sooner. 
“Secondly, while I believe it should be legal for folks to grow pot for personal consumption, the plants that were confiscated from my home were hemp, not marijuana. 
“Personally, my priorities now are my health, my legal situation, and my campaign, in that order. 
“The metal rod that was inserted into my shoulder in May was been broken and there is a new fracture, so I am about to undergo my fourth surgery this year…and that will necessitate another period of recovery and convalescence. 
“My legal situation—which is that I am innocent of all charges—is in the capable hands of my attorney, Jeff Dobson of Dobson Law, and I refer all questions about that to him.
“As for my gubernatorial campaign, I remain committed to demonstrating that we can govern our state while respecting the rights of each and every North Carolinian. How most effectively for me to pursue that goal is the main topic of discussion between myself and my campaign staff. I ask that you all please be a little patient with us during this time.”

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