Political Views and Goals

Endless Wars

Shannon Bray believes that it is time to bring an end to perpetual wars with US involvement. Our soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines should not be used in political conflicts and should be used solely for the defense of our country. We are sending our youth to fight the battles of others and are failing them when they come home. We should not be sending money overseas while we let our veterans remain broken with no support.


Data Privacy

Shannon Bray believes that the government and many US companies have abused our personal data. He believes that personal data should be owned by the individual and considered personal property. Our data is often used against us in nefarious ways and it is time that we, as residents of the United States, be able to determine how we want our data shared. If we determine that our data is being misused, we should have the right to have our data removed from those systems.

Homeland and Cyber Security

Shannon Bray has devoted most of his adult life to helping improve homeland security through technology. Shannon is currently pursuing a Ph.D. with the Missouri University of Science and Technology (MST). Shannon wants to keep our borders secure from outside state sponsored and terrorist threats while still providing a place a refuge for those in need. Our federal agencies should focus primarily on the defense of our country and less on immigration. 

Shannon does not support a wall built from coast to coast for several reasons. We should strive to find 21st-century solutions instead of 16th-century solutions that can be circumvented.

Our country has been built on the backs of immigrants and I believe we should welcome those who choose to enter our country seeking a better life. 

Veteran Affairs

As a veteran of the US Navy, Shannon Bray has seen countless veterans who struggle to make ends meet, who end up homeless, lack health and mental care. Shannon wants to see new programs introduced that will help with the increasing rate of service member and veteran suicides. Our veterans risked their lives for our country and should be given the appropriate help when needed. The Veteran Administration (VA) continues to struggle to help those in need. Veterans also need affordable ways to transition from active duty to civilian life. This country has made promises that it has not kept.

Smart Technology

The United States has been adopting smart technology for a number of years. Our power grid components all use technology. While our US border currently implements some level of technology, additional research is needed to help make our country safe from attacks from Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). 

Health and Child Care

The cost of health care has become ridiculous; this is something we can all agree on. Families with employer-provided health care are less vulnerable than those who own small businesses or for those who cannot afford it. I feel the health care for all plan sounds promising but has to have a financial plan on how it will work without putting the bulk of the finances on the American people. Health care should not be in the hands of our federal government.

Shannon believes that each person has the right to make their own medical decisions. He fully supports removing government meddling from healthcare and think this and tort reform are the best ways to improve quality of healthcare, increase access to healthcare, and decrease prices of healthcare in our country. The government has been in charge of VA healthcare and it has failed; just imagine what it would look like when we scale in the other 99%.

Character, Integrity, and Respect

Shannon believes that our elected officials should operate at a higher standard. While we should expect differences of opinion, compromises can be made when you treat people with respect and you conduct yourself to the highest standard. Our leaders should never lie to us and we need to hold them accountable when they do. They work for us!


If elected, Shannon Bray will work for you and, in doing so, always represent the office with character, integrity, and respect.


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  • Mechanically ⚙️ Separated 🧠 Thoughts
    commented 2022-05-17 19:21:48 -0400
    What are your thoughts on the Mises Caucus taking a bigger presence in the LP? Do you aline closer to the “traditional” LP platform or the Mises?
  • Vladimir Toman
    commented 2019-04-10 20:51:28 -0400
    All your views on the “issues” are in admiration. Let it be known that YOU, sir, are REPRESENTING over 700,000 Citizens. To this date, most ALL of them have been “left out” and “voiceless” of what has been happening. The previous power seat was strictly for “self”, not for the Citizens. This has become COMMON PRACTICE on the Hill. Considering, I have determined that the PROCESS is the CRUCIAL “issue”. It is the CITIZENS Country and they need to be a part of it, which, places responsibility on the Citizen. This has been absent in over 100 years of democrat and republican rule, they methodically destroyed the fabric of our nation. Mr. Tim Harris made a big mistake by quoting a “Hill criminal” on his Go Fund Me page. The quote was admiral but NEVER practiced effectively and efficiently. You having the digital technology surely understand that tasking 700,000 constituents is a piece of cake; it being up to the constituent to take part or not, regardless, they need a leader. I’m registered as an INDEPENDENT and shall pull the LIBERTARIAN ballot and mark the Shannon W. Bray box. I hope that I got it right. Kind regards, Al Toman