Bray Files to Run for Governor

DECEMBER 12, 2023 (RALEIGH)—Shannon Bray filed to run for Governor of North Carolina today, joining a strong lineup of 2024 Libertarian candidates across the state. 


“The focus of my campaign will be highlighting common sense approaches to making life in North Carolina better,” Bray stated. “The overall theme will be keeping government out of your pocketbook and out of your bedroom. We will pay particular attention to education, health care, the economy, criminal justice, and elections, all of which are areas where overbearing government ‘solutions’ are doing more harm than good.”

Bray, who has previously run for US Senate in 2020 and 2022, will likely face political newcomer Mike Ross, expected to file later this week, in what would be the first Libertarian Party primary election for governor this century. The winner of that race will head up one of the strongest Council of State candidate lineups in the history of the LPNC, including Dee Watson running for Lt. Governor, Sean Haugh for Commissioner of Agriculture, and Bob Drach for Auditor.

“There will be a lot of voters looking for alternatives to the establishment party candidates in 2024,” observed Bray. “I look forward to discussing not only the issues but how best to reach those voters with Mike Ross between now and the March 5th primary election.”


From r. to l., Ryan Brown (LPNC Chair), Tom Bailey (US House-1), Dee Watson (Lt. Governor), Shannon Bray (Governor), Sean Haugh (Agriculture Commissioner)





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