Hello World

Hello World; 'hello world' is typically the first program someone writes in a new programming language. I thought the title would be fitting here. Now that we have the 2020 election cycle behind us, I felt it was time to refocus on some of my passions. As a candidate for the US Senate (NC) in 2020, I was able to meet a variety of constituents in the state and get a better understanding of what drives them politically, socially, and economically. I first started to use various social media platforms to help connect with people with whom may never have heard of me but quickly learned how social media platforms may shadow ban, block, or suspend accounts that are not considered favorable to the media company. I've also learned that Facebook and Twitter are quite difficult to use when sharing complex thoughts. Welcome to my blog. Here is what you have in store.

I plan on outlining my perspectives on why I support various platforms and also highlight where I may differ. As a Libertarian, I do share many of the same views as the Libertarian party but am not beholden to any one philosophy. I have a deep understanding of how technology, government, and society intermingles and I am looking to share these ideas with you and encourage debates on any topic. The thoughts I express are my own and I do not claim (or even want to) speak for anyone else. Many of the topics planned will be controversial; that's the beauty of the blog. No one will be able to sensor my ideas or content. I know many of you understand why this will be important.

For those who are wondering who the hell I am, I'll give a brief introduction but if you are really curious, I'm an open book on social media. Ask me anything. You can find me on Twitter at @shannonbraync. I will have a presence on Facebook but it will be kept to a minimum.

After leaving the US Navy, I started a career in information technology. I've been working in technology in various roles in software development, infrastructure, and cybersecurity over the past 20 years. Over my IT career, I have spoken at various types of conferences; most tied directly to Microsoft technologies. Many of those sessions are available online through Channel9. I've also had the opportunity to author many technical courses and books. My latest one which came out during the covid-19 pandemic is on cryptography in digital communications. I've had the opportunity to work for a wide variety of businesses that range from "mom and pop" businesses to the federal government. I'll reference those positions as needed as I share my thoughts.

I am a father of three school age children and married. We currently live in Apex, NC. When I am not working my "day job", I am either continuing my progress towards a PhD in Computer Science (Missouri University of Science and Technology) or working to expand the ideas of libertarianism in my state. One of the reasons I moved to NC was to take advantage of the amazing wreck diving off the coast. For those who know the difference, I am a technical diver and was an active instructor until we were forced to close for covid-19. One of my relaxing hobbies is drones and programming single board computers for various projects. All of this will become apparent as you learn more about me. You can also review the About page shannonbray.us.



I thank you for taking the time to stop by and I hope to write engaging content that will have you return. Please feel free to share your thoughts. 

Shannon Bray


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